Friday, September 18, 2009

Still kicking...

Just wanted to touch base to let anyone who might stumble over know that I'm still kicking, but not posting too much. Life is busy and full with a nine month old and two older children. On Monday we returned from visiting my family for 10 days. It was so nice to see everyone and for the kids to get to spend time with family too.

My little one started walking on the 17th - she took 6 steps one time. It will be a while before she is walking all the time, but it's fun to watch her change and develop. She popped a new tooth today also. The older kids are having so much fun playing with the baby. They are all treasures.

Friday, August 14, 2009


I received the following exciting email from Tom White (Bibles Unbound) that I wanted to share:

August 13, 2009

On Aug. 5, Bibles Unbound reached an exciting milestone with the shipment of the ONE MILLIONTH NEW TESTAMENT! That New Testament, bound for China, was sponsored through our virtual mailing program by BU participant Mary in Crane, Texas.

In February 2006, VOM launched a project to let Christians like you send New Testaments into restricted nations — places where our brothers and sisters cannot simply go to a Christian bookstore and pick up a copy of the Bible. Our persecuted brothers and sisters joined in the project by collecting names and addresses of those who would be blessed by receiving God's Word. Our readers responded excitedly, and New Testaments began to go out from every part of the United States to hostile nations all over the world.

With your help, in just 42 months we have shipped the story of God's love for all mankind and his free offer of salvation through Christ to non-believers in several restricted nations.

Bibles Unbound is a team effort, and God has called together a wonderful team. We are so grateful to believers like you all across the United States who have provided New Testaments to people in countries such as Colombia, China, North Korea and Egypt. We are also thankful to the faithful Christians living inside these restricted and hostile nations who take great risks to supply names and addresses of those needing God's Word. With both standard and covert operations, Bibles Unbound is a unique tool to spread the gospel inside restricted nations.

If you have mailed or sponsored New Testaments, THANK YOU for helping reach this great milestone!

If you want to become part of this incredible ministry, please consider joining Bibles Unbound today. You can join us for future milestones of getting God's Word into hostile countries: 2 million....10 million...and more! To God be the glory! You can sign up, or simply get more information, at

With God's help, BU has reached an incredible milestone. But millions of people around the world are still waiting. Will you help get the word of God to them?

For Those in Bonds,
Tom White VOM Executive Director

If you would like to view a list of resources on the persecuted church and online specials from VOM, please visit This online offer is being presented by The Voice of the Martyrs. For additional information, you may contact us by clicking here or calling our order line at 800-747-0085.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

McGruff House

Has anyone heard of the McGruff House Program? Recently we went to National Night Out in our city and learned about the McGruff House. After being interviewed by the police and having a criminal background check you are given a sign to put in your window identifying your home as a safe haven for children who are lost or in danger. Read More

McGruff House — National Crime Prevention Council

Monday, August 3, 2009

Moms in Touch

I just found out about a new prayer group called Moms in Touch. Check out their website for more information about becoming a part of a worldwide community of mothers praying for children and schools. They have tons of resources to guide women as they pray for children.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Full Speed Ahead...

Life has been busy and full over the past several months... We finished a week of VBS (the oldest two absolutely loved it and the youngest was there for the ride - literally in my sling). Then we headed off for my in-laws this past week. We had a fabulous time. Much of our time was spent at an amazing water park - the kids (and me too) wished we could live there.

Our smallest treasure is already seven months old and thinks she is the Queen of the World (she hasn't read any blogs yet or she would know that title was already taken). She has no fear, she climbs anything and everything near her and she thinks she can walk, unfortunately whenever she takes a step or two she falls, but she gets right back up and tries again - lessons we can learn from little ones. At the water park she (all 25" of her) would boldly walk into the waves (holding my hands) without a care in the world.

Now we are home getting settled and starting new projects...

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Independence Day

Happy Independence Day!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Still Kicking...

Just wanted to stop in and let you know that I'm still kicking if anyone is even there. I'm sure most have given up on me by now. Time is flying and I have much going on - with little time to post. When things slow down I will post more...

My little one is mobile and so fun to chase. We are homeschooling year round so there really isn't going to be much of a let up in the coming weeks. Pray I have wisdom and strength...

Friday, June 5, 2009

No Rest Without Work

Another chapter - No Rest Without Work - in Boyhood and Beyond by Bob Schultz has some thought provoking questions. I will share a few from page 149.

What work has someone done for you that allows you to rest?

What is the purpose of rest?

What job can you do, right now, to give someone else some rest?

What would happen to a free country if people stopped working and expected the government to provide for their needs?

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Accountability Questions

I bought a book for my husband and son called Boyhood and Beyond: Practical Wisdom for Becoming a Man by Bob Schultz and it has questions at the end of each chapter. Here is a sample from the chapter on temptation (page 61):

What invitations to do evil did you get today? Did you take any?

If you accept an evil invitation, what will happen to you?

When faced with a temptation, what question should you ask?

Did you accept any invitations to do good today?

These questions would be useful in an accountability situation for anyone.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Physical Challenge

What's the biggest physical challenge you face? Weight? Body image? Injury or disease? What would it look like for you to take better care of your temple? What one step can you take today toward improving your physical health? Check out our daily exercise and diet plan at You'll find daily encouragement and practical tools to support your new, healthy lifestyle.

~ One Month to Live by Kerry and Chris Shook p. 36

Saturday, May 23, 2009

What Consumes You?

What consumes most of your time each day?... What exactly consumes you at...?How meaningful is it? How satifying is it? How much of any given day do you spend doing only what you do best?

~ One Month to Live by Kerry & Chris Shook page 19

Friday, May 22, 2009

Biggest Regret?

More from the book - One Month to Live by Kerry & Chris Shook...

Make It Last for Life

1. If you were certain your life as you know it would end in a few weeks, what would be your biggest regret? Why?

For more info g0 here.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I'm reading a new book entitled, One Month to Live: Thirty Days to a No-Regrets Life by Kerry & Chris Shook. This book asks the hard questions and challenges the reader to live as if life as we know it is about to end. Over the next little while I will share some of the questions asked in the book...

Are you doing anything in your life right now that requires faith? If not, why not? Are you looking at life from God's perspective or from a ground-level perspective?

For more info go to the book's website.

Monday, May 18, 2009

I'm Still Here...

Hello to anyone who might possibly pop in... Just wanted to say that I'm still alive and well, just really busy with my life in the real world. I haven't had much time to blog or check blogs lately, but miss reading and writing blogs. I still try to post Scripture and Quotes to those blogs and to my Reading Room Blog, but haven't been as faithful here because this one takes the most effort...

My kids are doing well (although sick with allergy issues now) and the baby is growing so fast - 5 1/2 months old - where has the time gone?

Keep me in your prayers that I am the wife and mother that God wants me to be.


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mideast Geography Lesson

Yesterday a friend told me about a cool tool that can help us to learn the countries in the middle east. Did you know "the Middle East" stretches as far west as the Western Sahara in Africa? What is the smallest Middle Eastern country?

Go to this site and drag the country's name onto the map where you think it belongs. There is no score nor time limit, but rather this exercise is a learning tool. Once you finish the puzzle, do it again and again until you can do it without a miss. You will be far more educated about this very intense part of our world.

For more educational tools go to World Atlas or CIA World Factbook,

Clip art provided by

Thursday, April 23, 2009

National Day of Prayer

The theme for this year's National Day of Prayer on Thursday, May 7 is Prayer ... America's Hope! It's based on Psalm 33:22, which says, "May Your unfailing love rest upon us, O Lord, even as we put our hope in You."

To learn more visit National Day of Prayer website.

I hope you will join with millions of other Americans on Thursday, May 7th, to observe the 58th annual National Day of Prayer.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Free Stuff - Tax Day

For a little savings today check out these national deals... Be sure to check with your local restaurants as not all may participate. Our local Chick-fil-A isn't participating today, but they are on April 28th.

Chick-fil-A - Visit a participating restaurant April 15 and hang onto your receipt. The “Tax Relief Day Special” lets you return before April 30 to receive the same order for free.

Cinnabon - Stop by Cinnabon from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. April 15 for free cinnamon-roll bites (regularly $2.49 for four).

Maggie Moo’s Ice Cream and Treatery - On April 15, get one free scoop of ice cream.

T.G.I. Friday’s - On April 15, diners receive a $5 gift card when they spend $15 to $25. They earn a $10 card for a purchase of more than $25.

For more savings go here.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Walk in the Park

If only life were this simple... Two of my children walking through a peaceful park exploring and enjoying God's creation. My youngest slept in a stroller as I pushed her along the way.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Babies X 3 Again

February 8, 2009 - James (13 weeks), my little lady (9 weeks) and John (13 weeks). This picture was taken on the boys last Sunday at church before they moved to Tennessee.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Our Brothers and Sisters Around the World Are Suffering for Their Faith. BE THEIR VOICE. Volunteer with

It's as simple as sharing current prayer requests. Encouraging others to write to Christians imprisoned for their faith. And requesting complimentary copies of Tortured for Christ for those who want to learn more.

When you join VOM's new Be-A-Voice Network you will receive FREE online access to prayer bulletins, prisoner profile sheets and the ability to request free copies of Tortured for Christ for your Christian friends.

By becoming a member, you make a commitment to continue making the message of today's persecuted church known through prayer, education and practical involvement.

Volunteer for VOM in Your Local Church and Community. » JOIN NOW at

If you would like to view a list of resources on the persecuted church and online specials from VOM, please visit

This online offer is being presented by The Voice of the Martyrs. For additional information, you may contact us by
clicking here or calling our order line at 800-747-0085.

~ taken from an email from Voice of the Martyrs

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Life or Death

This evening I read a great post regarding life and death on Randy Alcorn's blog as I held my precious daughter, a miracle of life. Randy posted a video of an incredibly, articulate, 12 year old young lady who shared her beliefs in her seventh grade class. Wow! Check out this post for more...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Babies X 3

My friend, Carolyn took this picture on January 4, 2009, the day of my daughter's dedication with her two friends, James and John. My little one was 5 weeks old and the boys were 9 weeks old. They have all changed so much, since this photo was taken. Aaron, Lynetta, James and John have moved back to their home in Tennessee, so we will miss our times together. We did a duplicate of this picture on February 8 and I will post it when Lynetta emails it to me, once they are settled in their new home.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Support a Worker of the Underground Church

The Voice of the Martyrs has just received new information from our field workers about 300 pastors, evangelists and lay workers ministering in restricted nations, such as China, Nigeria and Sudan, who are in great need of support.

Many of these church leaders spend most of their day laboring to provide for their families. But they would like to dedicate much more of their time to courageously spreading the gospel and ministering to the needs of other Christians in their communities. Even at great risks, they desire to spend their days serving the Kingdom.

We invite you to prayerfully consider supporting one of these indigenous workers today. When you offer support, you are partnering with them on the mission field and sharing in building the Kingdom. A commitment of $35 a month for one year will go a long way to provide for their basic needs and help them to minister more effectively.

» Click here to learn more.

The Voice of the Martyrs' official homepage
Learn about Christians who suffer for their faith around the world, and find out how you can stand with them.

If you would like to view a list of resources on the persecuted church and online specials from VOM, please visit

This online offer is being presented by The Voice of the Martyrs. For additional information, you may contact us by
clicking here or calling our order line at 800-747-0085.

~ taken from an email received from The Voice of the Martyrs.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

How much would you sell Jesus for?

I received the story below in an email - not sure if it's a true story or not, but it's definitely worth pondering...

Several years ago, a preacher from out-of-state accepted a call to a church in Houston, Texas. Some weeks after he arrived, he had an occasion to ride the bus from his home to the downtown area. When he sat down, he discovered that the driver had accidentally given him a quarter too much change. As he considered what to do, he thought to himself, 'You'd better give the quarter back. It would be wrong to keep it.' Then he thought, 'Oh, forget it, it's only a quarter. Who would worry about this little amount? Anyway, the bus company gets too much fare; they will never miss it. Accept it as a 'gift from God' and keep quiet.

When his stop came, he paused momentarily at the door, and then he handed the quarter to the driver and said, 'Here, you gave me too much change

'The driver, with a smile, replied, 'Aren't you the new preacher in town?''

Yes' he replied.'

Well, I have been thinking a lot lately about going somewhere to worship. I just wanted to see what you would do if I gave you too much change. I'll see you at church on Sunday.

When the preacher stepped off of the bus, he literally grabbed the nearest light pole, held on, and said, 'Oh God, I almost sold your Son for a quarter.

~ author unknown

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

C X 10

Kay posted this meme on her blog and invited others to join her and I decided to play. She assigned me the letter C. If you would like to play along, leave a comment and I will give you a letter.

Ten things I like that start with C

1. Christ and His Church - my church is family.

2. Cuddling with my sweet new baby - I don't know how I'm getting anything else done.

3. Children - I'm blessed with three of my own!!

4. Compassion - both giving and receiving. I especially love seeing compassion in my children.

5. Christmas - such a beautiful time of year.

6. Cranberry Salad – my dad’s recipe - I really enjoy it usually at Thanksgiving and Christmas, but I'd eat it year round if I could find fresh cranberries.

7. Cheese and Crackers - bring me some sharp cheese and yummy crackers and I'll be happy.

8. Cameras - only when I’m taking the pictures. Unfortunately I've lost my ability to get the pictures in my albums over the last couple years...

9. Chocolate (dark) - I'm not a huge chocolate person, but when I eat it I prefer it as dark as I can get it. If I'm feeling stressed slowly eating a piece of dark chocolate calms me down.

10. Colossians - the book of the Bible - has many Scriptures I love.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Still here...

Greetings! Nothing profound here - just a quick shout out to say hello. I've been busy with being a new mom again. My little sweetheart celebrated two months being here with us yesterday. Time sure flies. She is so precious and greatly loved by all who know her especially her sister and brother. I'm busy with homeschooling and taking care of my newest treasure.

I will be back to posting more here as time allows and will try to catch up with blog reading as well. I've been keeping up with posting daily Scriptures and quotes on those blogs and posting about my journey to fitting my jeans again (as well as other topics) on my Healthy Living blog. My Reading Room blog is also seeing fewer posts because I haven't had as much time to read, but plan to post more when I am able.

Keep me in your prayers that I'm able to do the things that are most important each day.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Lesson on Life

A friend sent me this article published on January 4, 2009 for the Free Lance-Star about a young couple that attends her church. It's heartbreaking and beautiful at the same time.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Praying Through the First 100 Days

SIGN UP NOW for the“Praying Through the First 100 Days” prayer e-mail series.

Inauguration Day 2009. It’s an historic day for every American as Barack Obama takes the Oath of Office as the 44th President of the United States.
And it’s a sacred day - one in which we hope you’ll join us in a new and vital daily prayer experience.

We are launching our “Praying Through the First 100 Days” daily prayer devotional series, enabling you to intercede every day for President Obama, his family and the new administration during his first 100 days in office.
The challenges before President Obama and the new administration are daunting. The worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. Two ongoing wars on terror. Joblessness on the rise. A nation facing incredible uncertainty…

Never has our president and our nation needed MORE PRAYER. And never has
The Presidential Prayer Team been more ready to champion that prayer than with“Praying Through the First 100 Days”

These e-mails enable you to:

Pray in a systematic and orderly way, starting with worship of our mighty God and moving to specific concerns, and…
Easily and effectively set your mind and heart to pray daily for issues that may not occur to you.

View a sample of Praying Through the First 100 Days here.

Sign up for “Praying Through the First 100 Days.” Join us as together we pray fervently and passionately for our new president, his family and administration. Thank you!

John Lind

BY THE WAY - If this email was forwarded to you and you are not a member of The Presidential Prayer Team, we encourage you to officially join our team. Membership is free, and you enjoy a variety of benefits when you sign up.

Become a PPT Member here.

~ above email taken from an email received from the Presidential Prayer Team

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sanctity of Human Life Sunday

January 18 is Sanctity of Human Life Sunday

In 1983, an organization now known as Care Net asked President Ronald Reagan to create a special day to focus on the intrinsic value of human life. That same year, Reagan issued a proclamation establishing a National Sanctity of Human Life Sunday.

This year's Sanctity of Human Life Sunday is January 18. Please take an opportunity this weekend to consider how God may be calling you to, as President Reagan's proclamation put it, "care for the lives and freedoms of even the weakest of our fellow human beings."

~ above info taken from Randy Alcorn's website

Thursday, January 15, 2009

National Day of Service

January 19, 2009 is the National Day of Service. January is also "Volunteer Month." There are many ways we can donate our time and energy to good causes. Consider donating food to food banks, clothing, and baby supplies to crisis pregnancy centers, and you can even give your blood, etc. Think about ways you can contribute or give back to your community. Many schools require community service hours from their students, maybe you could join the kids of your community by doing likewise.

There are several opportunities listed on my sidebar - one section is listed under the heading "Do Something that Matters" - scroll down to check it out on the right.

Last night at church our Bible study was on Matthew 25. Every time I read that passage of Scripture I think of "I Was Hungry."

I Was Hungry...

I was hungry and you formed a humanities group to discuss my hunger.

I was imprisonedand you crept off quietly to your chapel and prayed for my release.

I was naked and in your mind you debated the morality of my appearance.

I was sick and you knelt and thanked God for your health.

I was homeless andyou preached to me the spiritual love of God.

I was lonely and you left me alone to pray for me.

You seem so holy, so close to God,
But I am still very hungry --and lonely --and cold.

~ found at the Oak Street House Exhibit at a missions and ministry conference in San Diego.

My kids love to shovel snow (we haven't had any yet this winter) and to collect trash along side of the road.

Please share in the comments section ways that you give back to your community or donate your time - not to brag or toot your own horn, but to share ideas with others.

"And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him."~ Colossians 3:17

Friday, January 2, 2009

I Wish

Yesterday, I was listening to a Christian music radio station (something I rarely do because I usually listen to CD's or the music on my blogs) and I heard this song by Point of Grace...

Point of Grace has a place on their website where people are posting their wishes - go here.

In case you can't watch the video - here are the lyrics.