Monday, December 22, 2014

Don't Judge Me!

A friend shared this and I wanted to pass the good word along...

"DON'T JUDGE ME! DON'T JUDGE ME! DON'T JUDGE ME! Do you know how sick I am of hearing this? Since when did we become such babies that we have to get offended at every little thing? Trust me when I say I don't care about your choice of lifestyle, as long as it doesn't effect me or my family then I personally don't care what you do, but after meeting Jesus and coming to a realization of all that he asks of us, I must speak to you about your lifestyle, understand I am not speaking as a judge, because I am not one, but I am speaking as a type of friend who would try to talk you out of a bad decision. Not because I know better than you, but because on judgement day I don't want to be avoiding your eyes as you are screaming at me asking why I didn't tell you about this before, why I didn't try harder to explain Jesus to you, how could I let you go to hell without telling you about the change Jesus wants to make in your life.

You see you're so busy being offended that you can't see how hard it is for me to talk to you about the situation at hand, so busy with being offended that you can't stop and ask yourself if what I am saying is true and you are in the wrong, as hard as it will be to tell you anything that can be misconstrued as being judgmental, it would be harder for you to spend eternity in hell knowing that I could have spared you this pain just by speaking a few words about a man who wants to be your savior. I believe that it will not effect me if you reject the true Christ, but it will effect me if I don't give you the message to either accept or reject.

All this to just say choose not to be offended, but choose to use all input given to you as a way to sort out all that needs to be gone from your life, that which needs to be strengthened in your life, and your strengths that can be used to help other lives, live well."

~ Butch Summers