Thursday, May 6, 2010

Life Goes On...for Some of Us...

Even though I haven't been to blogspot in a while life continues as usual here. There have been some changes in the last few months (pain, death, sickness). My kids are growing like weeds. My ten year old daughter is sitting next to me reading over my shoulder and she laughed and said, "We are weeds? I'm not a weed, I'm a flower!" Okay they are all flowers then... Hmmm maybe my son should be a tree, since if I don't know where he is I just need to look up and I'll probably find him in a tree.

I went in to a horrible time of back pain on March 14th and was hardly able to walk for a week. I couldn't get up by myself or even lift my feet. A friend from church brought me a walker to use. It took me five excruciating minutes to move from my living room to my kitchen (in a townhouse). Then on March 21st my mother unexpectedly died. She was only 59 and we were planning her annual trip to visit my family for Easter. I'm actually thankful for the bout with severe pain right before she died because I was able to tell her that I had a better understanding of what she deals with on a daily basis. I'm not unfamiliar with pain, but this pain was debilitating and I was actually afraid that I could end up paralyzed. I've been told that is a possibility.

When I told my children that Grandma died, my seven year old son fell to the floor weeping and my ten year old daughter sat on the couch with tears pouring down her face. My fifteen month old obviously didn't comprehend the loss, but she knew something was wrong. She walked over to my son and wrapped her little arms around his neck and just hugged him. Then she walked across the room and picked up a tissue and went to my daughter and began wiping her face. The sweet baby was like an angel as she ministered to her siblings.

While the me and the kids were in Ohio, my husband fell and got a blood clot in his leg (DVT). I was so worried about him, but unable to get home because I was stranded in Ohio. Since I was having back pain, I knew I couldn't drive to Ohio, so some wonderful friends helped transport us to Ohio. Then I was baffled as to how to return. I didn't have to be confused long because before I began looking at my options to return home, a friend called and told me that she and her husband wanted to come and get us. Talk about Jesus in action - those friends are definitely walking the walk and talking the talk.

I'm still not used to the fact that my mother is dead. When I returned home from my two weeks in Ohio for her funeral, I picked up the phone to call and let her know I made it home safely. I've actually started to call her quite a bit. There are some things in life you don't "get" until you experience them and I believe losing a mother - the woman who gave you life is one of them.

Keep my family in your prayers!

My mother 16 years old.

My mother on our horse, Angel.

Me and my mother (she was visiting me at college).

Me and my mother at my wedding.

My mother and my daughter at one of our annual trips to the National Zoo.

My mom and Aunt Rebbie last summer.