Thursday, October 27, 2016

Be the Reason...

It amazes me that sometimes it takes a complete stranger to make you see your work has value and is not for naught. What started as a random conversation in Starbucks about football, moved to my name badge and this: "I'll let you slide for being a Cowboys fan, because that's some super good stuff you do there. Thanks for what you do." I'm not saying this to offer myself a pat on the back, nor do I want some applause. I've done anything but that for myself this week. I've beat myself up. Been disappointed. Jaded. Broken. Wanted to quit. I'm offering this: If a perfect stranger can offer encouragement to someone he doesn't know, then why do we take those so dear to us for granted? If you have a carer, a helper, a supporter in your life-thank them. Encourage them. Don't assume they know you appreciate them. And don't assume everyone else is offering it either. Also most helpers are rarely taking the time to do this for themselves, or taking the time to even take care of themselves. All their time and energy is being put into you or someone else. A simple act of kindness could make a world of difference to their own well being, and could even keep them from quitting altogether. Be the reason someone feels encouraged today.

~ January Marshall